Michèle Poynter, Mish
Michèle Poynter

Michèle Poynter launched Mish, a renowned independent lingerie business, 15 years ago at the age of just 23. Under her visionary leadership, Mish has flourished into a UK lingerie staple, attracting customers from across the country for its unparalleled bra fittings. In the span of 15 years, Mish has earned a string of National Awards, including four esteemed Drapers Independent Awards. A milestone achievement occurred in 2021 when guided by Michèle, Mish secured the Best Customer Experience award with a perfect 100% in the mystery shopper report—a Drapers first. Michèle's influence extends to The Retail Fixers, her thriving retail consultancy, cementing her legacy as a force shaping the fashion industry.